Client Comments:

"Anna hat mich in meinem Entwicklungsprozess zielorientiert begleitet und mich immer genau da abgeholt, wo ich mich im Coaching-Prozess gerade befand. Abgesehen von ihren vielfältigen Fachkompetenzen zeichnet sie gerade auch ihre soziale Kompetenz und Empathie aus! Ich würde jederzeit gern wieder ein Coaching bei ihr machen. Danke!"      M.J., Schauspielerin, Deutschland

"The coaching sessions have been very focused and well-structured. They have guided my thought process toward reaching the set goals and have increased my commitment to achieving them as road maps were developed. The approach allows for flexibility without losing sight of the end result. I look forward to each new session."                                  T.E., Manager Program Design and Quality Assurance, Europe

"Coaching with Anna has enabled me to focus very effectively on specific issues. It has empowered me not only to find the optimal resolution for those issues but also dramatically reduced the time needed to achieve a result. I would strongly recommend the process for both business and personal matters."
B.M., Project Manager, UK

"Getting me to think about my project management style, Anna has helped me to bring structure to my work processes, so that they don't seem so overwhelming. She is helping me turn new conscious tasks into subconscious habits."
R.F., Consulting Manager, Germany

"Seitdem ich das Coaching angefangen habe, sind mir viele positive Sachen passiert!" A.H., Teamassistentin, Deutschland